Cricket Bat Stickers Designing

Cricket Bat Stickers 

We design and print high quality stickers for your cricket bats. Our stickers are printed on high quality vinyl with double plastic coating to ensure durability and moisture protection.

Whether you are a new cricket, old brand or a cricket club, we provide complete solutions from graphing to printing and delivery of stickers.

Our beginner package includes 15 custom stickers with designing, printing and shipping at 75£ or 100$ USD including worldwide shipping.

Our basic package includes 30 custom stickers with designing, printing and shipping at 100 £ or 130$ USD including worldwide shipping.

Our advanced package includes 90 custom stickers with designing, printing and shipping at 200 £ or 260 $ USD including worldwide shipping.

We can also do chrome stickers so please email us at for price.

How we operate ? Frequently Asked Questions.

A graphics designer will work on your design and we will provide design proof before printing. Due to designing cost, we require half payment as advance and half later once design is finalized.

We accept Paypal Payments and will send you an invoice for payment allowing partial payment option. You can use all credit cards to pay via PayPal even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

What we require from you ?

1)A design you like or a design description.

2) Your brand logo / name along with the details on what do you want to add  on the stickers.

Please note we can’t do less than 15 stickers i.e our beginners package.

Thank you for your interest and overwhelming response with daily inquiries.

Suggested Buying with the stickers

10 Cricket Bat Covers with your logo at 40£ or 100$ USD including worldwide shipping.

Plain Players Grade English Willow Bats at 140£ or 200$ USD including worldwide shipping.

G1 Plain English Willow Bats at 110£ or 160$ USD including worldwide shipping.

G2 Plain English Willow Bats at 70£ or 100$ USD including worldwide shipping.

G3 Plain English Willow Bats at 40£ or 60$ USD including worldwide shipping. 

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